Meet Bear Strength – The Gents Behind The Growl!

Fantastic blog post! I’ve written about Bear Strength Clothing Co. in past posts. I really enjoyed reading about the brothers from Wales who founded the company. I cannot say enough good things about their clothing, the Bear Strength team, and their willingness to support various charitable endeavors.

bears 1

Whether you are new to MyPeakChallenge or tackling round two, one thing is certain – you’ve fallen in love with Bear Strength active wear. But did you ever wonder about the gents behind the growl? Today we’re thrilled to have Andy Shear, co-owner of Bear Strength here for a chat, and to tell us more about the business side of the Bears – and what drives their success.

Thank you for joining us today, Andy. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and Bear Strength Clothing, Co.

Me and my business partner (and brother), Gareth started Bear Strength mid-2013. It is very much a family run business. We also like to employ local graduates in a bid to help with the local economy and take on university leavers and create a career for them. We are located in Cardiff, South Wales.

In the Posse we are big supporters of

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