Cooklander To the Stove #WatchThisSpace

Originally posted on by Debra on 10/4/15

We laugh whenever we see #WatchThisSpace because it’s always been Sam’s way of making us laugh while keeping us intrigued. In our case, This. Is. The. Space. Welcome to!

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I think since we first announced we were doing a cookbook, people have been asking when it would be available. And our standard answer was #WatchThisSpace, because we had no idea ourselves.

We didn’t know if there would be interest, if there would be enough recipes donated, if we could even do it. Truth be told, it almost fell apart a few times due to my year of illness and naivety. Illness is self-explanatory. But naivety? I had no idea the amount of work it would be. Constantly begging for recipes took its toll. Editing recipes was a very hard task as we wanted recipes from around the world, which we got. We had to learn new words. One of my personal favorites, from an American point of view, was to find the very exotic sounding “Ground Nut Oil” was what we call Peanut Oil! Still gives me the giggles! I have an incredible group of women who worked relentlessly to make this happen. We edited, we edited again, and repeatedly edited until the day it went to the cookbook company. We wanted the charm of the recipe (and some are so charming they are a story in themselves), but we wanted it to be easily deciphered whether the cook is in Russia, Uruguay, Japan or New Zealand. I’ll just say it wasn’t easy. The Artwork is going to take your breath away. This is a true Memento of the book, the series, and the fans. I don’t think you need to know how to cook to want to own this book. The Artwork alone will sell it!

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Cooklander: To the Stove! is being printed now, and will be mailed out around mid-November. The pricing for the books has been posted, and it’s time to get your order in. The magic words for today are FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!


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