My Peak Challenge 2016

Happy New Year!  I’m learning I should also wish readers a Happy Hogmanay! I am getting ready for My Peak Challenge 2016. I participated last year, and am very excited to set new goals for myself for 2016, physical and non-physical goals.

Sam Heughan, Fight Camp, and Bear Strength Clothing Co. created a program to motivate individuals to reach their personal goals while at the same time raising money for Bloodwise. The success of My Peak Challenge was overwhelming.


I went to to register my interest to participate in My Peak Challenge 2016. My Peak Challenge launches in January, and I will receive an email alert to the email address I provided to web site when they’re ready to go.

Information for My Peak Challenge can be found on various social media platforms. #MyPeakChallenge is the dedicated hashtag.

Follow: @MyPeakChallenge @BearStrength @F1ghtCamp & of course, @SamHeughan on Twitter To reach YOUR peak.

You can also follow #MyPeakChallenge on Facebook and Instagram. – Facebook – Instagram

Bear Strength tweeted that welcome packs will be available January 5, 2016 for pre-order. The web site,, is user friendly, and converts to your preferred currency. They ship to the United States, and internationally. I have had a wonderful experience every time I have ordered from the company.

IMG_5107 (2)

When you order the welcome pack, you receive information, Peak Gear, photos and a % of your purchase goes to charity.  This is last year’s pack. The bears have tweeted there is a new shirt this year.


I am proud to be repping Bear Strength in Florida.  Through the miracle of Twitter, I met an Outlander Fan that lives in my neighborhood, so I have my workout buddy. You might find some of our FL adventures by following RiverCity Sassenachs @saltlifesassies.


I look forward to seeing and hearing from all of the #MyPeakChallenge participants!  Bear Strength, Fight Camp, and My Peak Challenge accounts  have teased bigger and better things for 2016.

I’ll just leave this tweet from The Box Magazine here.

IMG_5108 (2)

Thanks again for reading!

Jenny Mc

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Outlander Fan Searches for a Bit of the Highlands in Florida

I watched Rob Licuria’s Golden Derby interview with Sam Heughan yesterday on The interview was thought provoking, Rob asked great questions.

IMG_4940 (2)

Image via Instagram @outlander_world

He asked Sam about his reaction to the Outlander pilot after he first saw it, and Sam said, “People in Scotland were wary. Here come the Americans…they’re coming over here, and they’re going to make a show about Scotland…and they came and they have been so attentive to detail. They’ve really immersed themselves in our world. They’ve employed great numbers of very talented Scottish cast and crew. I think they did a great job.” He continued to say, “I’m really proud. I’m very proud.” To see the full interview, go to Sam’s response “inspired” this blog post. It made me wonder, as an American fan of the show, have I inadvertently been disrespectful to the people of Scotland? Have I focused on stereotypes in my blogs and Twitter comments? Is there something Americans have asked, that if you heard one more time, you would scream?

The show and the books have inspired me to reconnect with my Celtic roots, search for pieces of Scotland in Florida, and to start a blog in October 2014. By day, I teach preschool, and I am naturally curious. I genuinely want to know about authentic Scotland.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for fun, and writing on behalf of wonderful causes. Looking back on past blogs, I realized I haven’t shared some of my adventures as I attempted to survive Droughtlander. The interview and Sam’s response to the question, reminded me of meeting a family from Glasgow in June. My family and I took a quick trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Sitting at an outside table at the Magic Kingdom, I hear, “No, it’s crook!” from a gentleman, expressing his frustration about a drink machine accepting his money, but not dispensing drink. I have a habit, since I have started watching Outlander, of striking up conversations with strangers with accents in the hopes that they are Scottish. This time I knew I was right, that he was from Scotland, and confidently asked, “excuse me, where are you from?” When he responded Glasgow, I was so excited, I’m sure he thought I was crazy. I met his family, and introduced him to mine. We had a wonderful conversation. Of course, I brought up Outlander, and asked if they had seen the show. He said, “No, where can I watch it?” I explained how to find it, and said, “I think, being Scottish, you would be very proud of it. The first season was filmed entirely on location in Scotland, and it is historically accurate.” We moved on to discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars playing in London and vacation tips for Scotland and Florida. We had a humorous exchange about the correct pronunciation of “Heughan”. I was pronouncing it “HEW-an”, and he kept repeating it the Scottish “HewCH-an”. Sam explains proper pronunciation of his last name in an interview with Christopher John Farley at the WSJ Café,, about 1 minute 28 seconds into the interview. Sorry Sam! I will continue to practice.

My new friend from Glasgow and I follow one another on Twitter. He returned to Scotland after his Florida holiday and binge watched Outlander. He messaged me and said, “The acting was terrific. Randall was a bad yin as we say in Scotland.” He has also taught me what tatties and neeps are, mashed potatoes and turnips respectively, and was generous enough to submit a recipe to Cooklander To the Stove. (Go to to order your own copy.)

cooklander pic2

I inquired about a recipe for haggis before I realized most people in Scotland just go to the butcher to purchase.  On the subject of haggis, I now know far more about haggis than any Florida girl should know in my opinion. I submitted the tale of my “Hunt for Haggis” in the form of a recipe to the Cooklander To the Stove cookbook. You can find it on page 323 of the book. I found myself strangely curious, and wanted to try haggis. I went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival in November, and tried an Americanized version.


I have been connecting with people on Twitter, and “meeting” people living in Scotland or from Scotland living in the United States. I posted pictures on Twitter, and friends responded with, “don’t be surprised if when you get real haggis, it tastes vastly different.” I tasted liver and oats. My favorite was the Glenfiddich Whisky I tasted. I have been given rave reviews of haggis purchased at Julie’s British Shoppe located in Melbourne, FL,

Full disclosure, I sincerely adore the sound of bagpipes, my last name is McAfee, and my husband owns a kilt.

Thank you again so much for reading!  I look forward to your comments, and please feel free to help me clear up any misperceptions or misunderstandings about Scotland.

Haggis Helper

(This is not a real product.) Image via Pinterest

Jenny Mc

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Cooklander To the Stove #WatchThisSpace

Originally posted on by Debra on 10/4/15

We laugh whenever we see #WatchThisSpace because it’s always been Sam’s way of making us laugh while keeping us intrigued. In our case, This. Is. The. Space. Welcome to!

Order Cooklander cookbook here

Cooklander pic

I think since we first announced we were doing a cookbook, people have been asking when it would be available. And our standard answer was #WatchThisSpace, because we had no idea ourselves.

We didn’t know if there would be interest, if there would be enough recipes donated, if we could even do it. Truth be told, it almost fell apart a few times due to my year of illness and naivety. Illness is self-explanatory. But naivety? I had no idea the amount of work it would be. Constantly begging for recipes took its toll. Editing recipes was a very hard task as we wanted recipes from around the world, which we got. We had to learn new words. One of my personal favorites, from an American point of view, was to find the very exotic sounding “Ground Nut Oil” was what we call Peanut Oil! Still gives me the giggles! I have an incredible group of women who worked relentlessly to make this happen. We edited, we edited again, and repeatedly edited until the day it went to the cookbook company. We wanted the charm of the recipe (and some are so charming they are a story in themselves), but we wanted it to be easily deciphered whether the cook is in Russia, Uruguay, Japan or New Zealand. I’ll just say it wasn’t easy. The Artwork is going to take your breath away. This is a true Memento of the book, the series, and the fans. I don’t think you need to know how to cook to want to own this book. The Artwork alone will sell it!

cooklander pic2

Cooklander: To the Stove! is being printed now, and will be mailed out around mid-November. The pricing for the books has been posted, and it’s time to get your order in. The magic words for today are FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!


Order at

To Be a Fan Girl, or a Cougar, or Go Shopping for a Billionaire, That is the Question…

*Spoiler Alert*

I am going to discuss the Shopping for a Billionaire series of books by Julia Kent and how they relate to Sam Heughan and Outlander.

I first blogged about these books in my post,

Here is an excerpt from that post:


Image via

I watched Outlander every week, and enjoyed every minute as the story unfolded.  As each show aired in the U.S., Sam started popping up on my Facebook news feed, Twitter, and Pinterest account.  When he appeared as a Pop Culture reference in a book I was reading on my Kindle as “Sam Heughan”, curiosity killed the cat so to speak.  The book is not related to Diana’s books in any way, and he is described in a most complementary fashion.

At this point, I’d like to expand on what I wrote in November. The book I referenced above was book 4 of the series. Sam also appears in book 1.


Book 4, however, was my motivation to Google Sam for the first time. I was minding my own business reading, as I do every day, when I came across this passage that even today I can’t bring myself to quote directly. My apologies to Julia Kent and to all of you dear readers.

“Power walk or ice cream. Power walk or ice cream. That’s like asking if you want to have ­­­­____ with Sam Heughan or just use your ________, Amy.”

I thought to myself, “Wait? What?” All I had ever seen of Sam at that point was his work in Outlander. In my head, he was “Jamie”. Of course, very attractive as Jamie. I stopped reading, and Googled “Sam Heughan”, 516,000 results came up in 20 seconds. Ahhh…my inner dialogue was in Shrek’s accent, “Hold the phone.”

I’ll pick back up here with my November post.

Naturally, I started following him on Twitter.  This begins the period I refer to as “the week I lost to the Twitterverse and the World Wide Web”. I spent more time on Twitter that week than all the combined time spent since I joined three years ago.  I was sucked into the Outlander fandom.  In my humble opinion, he is a social media genius.  I especially love the witty conversations between Sam Heughan and Diana Galbaldon.  Diana describes his fans on Twitter as, “taking the bait, hook, line, and sinker.”  We do. 

I discovered Julia Kent’s Shopping for a Billionaire while browsing through the “Free Book” options on my Kindle. I saw the series categorized as Literature and Fiction, Humor and Satire, Romance and Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction, and Humor and Entertainment. In my opinion, it is intended for a mature audience. The books are very funny, the protagonist finds herself in many hilarious predicaments. I read all the time, and look for original stories to read. I would recommend reading these books, I’ve read the first four books in the series, and will leave a review on Kindle and iBooks as soon as I publish this post. In my research, I found two titles to add to my “to-read” list, Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire and Shopping for a Billionaire’s Fiancee. My impression is that this author is also a fan of the Outlander book series. Geillis Duncan gets a shout out too.

In my post, “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”,, I responded to ten questions regarding books. I also I posted this picture, and I think it is appropriate to post again. I pinned the picture on Pinterest via Misty Star.  It can be found on


I’d like to share my response to question 4 because I feel it is applicable to this post as well.

How do you feel about eBooks?

I read books on my Kindle and “traditional” hardback and paperback copies. I think I have read more books because of the eBook format than I would have if I were reading only hand-held copies.  I could spend my whole paycheck on books. I have discovered new authors through the “Free Book” feature on Kindle.  However, I would like to offer some tips I’ve learned along the way as my Kindle is now a constant companion.

Pro Tip 1 – A Kindle Fire’s graphics are so much more detailed and prettier than the basic Kindle.  My husband received a Kindle Fire for his birthday one year, and I was happy with my original black and white version.  When I downloaded Accidentally Married…to a Vampire, by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, I honestly couldn’t see the thumbnail version of the picture on the cover.  My husband said, “What are you reading?” as he showed me a picture of a shirtless man who could be Fabio’s twin on his Kindle Fire.  Oops!

Pro Tip 2 – Do Not share a Kindle account with your husband.  Between vampires and grey silk ties, I answered the question, “What are you reading?” frequently.  Unfortunately, my husband’s device suffered an untimely death, not by my hands.  He chose not to replace his, and I am the proud owner of a Kindle Fire.

For some reason, I feel compelled to share that I also have Pride and Prejudice on my Kindle. Please read “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” to see more of my favorite books. I am a huge fan of the Outlander book series and television show, a married mother of two who works part time in a preschool.  I’m a soccer mom who is involved in the PTA, and my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

I don’t wish to have framed restraining orders as possible momentos of meeting anyone involved with Outlander.


I don’t have an area in my home like this dedicated to Sam Heughan. I respect him in a married woman kind of way, I promise!


Image via

I really enjoyed the Facebook and Twitter posts and chats this weekend about the Shopping for a Billionaire series!  Thank you again so much for reading!

Jenny Mc

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What Sam Heughan Caused 400+ Women To Do

Great post about Bonnie Terbush and ThePeakPosse, My Peak Challenge, and how to help Action for Children!

Dandelion Max

…and it’s not what you’re thinking. (Although, you’re probably right with wherever your train of thought was going.)

January of this year, Sam Heughan (Outlander actor) issued a fitness challenge – My Peak Challenge. I’d been trying to find motivation to make a change, get moving, lose weight, and get healthy. I figured if a Scottish hottie couldn’t get me motivated then there was something wrong with me. Case in point….


Ummm….what was I saying?

I signed up for My Peak Challenge but found myself not sure how to proceed. I needed more…I just wasn’t sure of what. On Twitter (yay social media!), @MyPeakChallenge mentioned a Facebook group called ThePeakPosse who were helping each other with their challenges. I looked it up, asked to join, and got so much more than I bargained for – in a great-life-changing-these-women-are-AMAZING- way.

ThePeakPosse is the handiwork of Ms. Bonnie Terbush, aka Queen B…

View original post 926 more words

ThePeakPosse Basket is Back to Support Action for Children

I spoke to one of my favorite people, Bonnie Terbush, Friday afternoon.  Bonnie is the Administrator of a Facebook Group called ThePeakPosse.  During the course of actor Sam Heughan’s My Peak Challenge, ThePeakPosse decided to raise funds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research by raffling an Outlander inspired Gift Basket.  The Gift Basket consisted of over 60 donations, including autographed items. Within five weeks, the raffle raised in excess of $25,000.00 US Dollars.  Their second raffle for World Child Cancer, Caitriona Balfe’s charity, raised over $17, 400.00 US Dollars.  Please see my blog post, “What’s in the Peak Posse Basket? Love, Generosity, Creativity, and Hope”, to read more about the previous raffles.


As we talked, Bonnie shared the story of the first time she met Graham McTavish at a L.I. Geek event in May.  Bonnie told Graham that he was the first actor to donate to the first basket raffle, and she continued, “We would like to raise funds for your charity that you support.”  ThePeakPosse is now focusing fundraising efforts to raise money for Action for Children, Graham’s chosen charity.  Bonnie says, “This is the first time anyone has ever raised funds for a charitable organization on behalf of Graham McTavish.”  Action for Children works in the UK in local communities to protect and support the young and vulnerable, as they grow up. They believe in taking action early to fix problems before a child is overwhelmed by them, and they help children at different stages of their lives. Action for Children runs over 650 services, from children’s centers to intensive family support, from fostering and adoption to respite care for the disabled.  For more information about Action for Children, go to their website at  You can follow them on Twitter @actnforchildren.


The current Gift Basket raffle runs from July 1, 2015 through August 30, 2015 at 8:30pm ET.  The winner will be chosen at 8:30 pm ET and promptly announced. In addition to many fantastic goodies, the basket includes autographed items, a navy blue Bear Strength Clothing Co. hoodie donated by one of ThePeakPosse members, an Outlander Quilt, and a luxury one day tour of Scotland donated by Outlandish Journeys.

Bear Strengthpp

Outlander Quilt

 Outlandish Journeys

To enter the Gift Basket raffle, just follow this two-step process.

  1. Donate to Action for Children, interested parties may donate to the following site:  Donations to “ThePeakPosse Just Giving page in support of Action for Children” are being generously matched by Macquarie, the employer of Heather Lee Ying, a member of ThePeakPosse.  In order for the match to occur, the following statement must be included within the donation message “In support of the fund-raising efforts, ThePeakPosse/Heather L.Y.
  2. As a Thank You, donors may enter to win the Gift Basket raffle in support of Action for Children at

Bonnie also created Ten Dollar Tuesday.  Every Tuesday is Ten Dollar Tuesday. Here are the directions:

  1. Donate a minimum of $10.00 to  In the donation description include your Twitter name, #TenDollarTuesday and your best guess (number) and the matching statement “In support of the fund-raising efforts, ThePeakPosse/Heather L.Y.
  2. Guess a number from 1-200.
  3. The numbers closest to the winning number on either side, will win a set of Jamie and Claire note cards by The Animated Life (they’re in the Gift Basket).


You can follow ThePeakPosse on Twitter @ThePeakPosse. Additionally, individuals are invited to ‘Like’ the Outlander-ThePeakPosse Fundraiser page on Facebook in order to follow their fundraising endeavors,  You can follow Bonnie on Twitter @BonnieTerbush.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Bonnie last week.  She is an inspiration to me.

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenny Mc

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